The HyGen Advantage
Planetary Power’s HyGen combines the best
of conventional and renewable energy. Designed
specifically for use at off-grid telecom towers, HyGen
provides substantial savings and benefits.
Portable power generator providing power anywhere
Engine must run continuously
Efficient engines run to charge batteries
Engine only runs to charge batteries
Must be taken offline for maintenance
Easily maintained generators
Maintenance done while running on batteries
Short periods between maintenance
Hygen generators are long lasting
Long periods between maintenance
Doesn't run at maximum efficiency
Hygen generators have efficient engines
Efficient, variable-speed engine
External fuel tanks subject to theft
Most fuel efficient generator
High-security internal fuel tank
Two generators per tower
Only one HyGen per telecom tower
One HyGen per tower
Up to 2-year operational life
Extended life span
Up to 7-year operational life
Idles at low speed
Efficient engine that never idles
Engine never idles
Large footprint
Generators that leave a small environmental footprint
Small footprint

Engineered for off-grid telecom

HyGen has been specifically engineered to power off-grid telecom towers by integrating best-in-class power production, energy storage and power conversion technology. This compact solution simplifies deployment and commissioning.

HyGen solves many of the problems encountered when powering remote telecom base stations. Not only has HyGen been optimized for the DC load of telecom base stations, but key features have been included to ensure reliability and uptime. HyGen is capable of powering many different telecom base station configurations that require power up to six kilowatts.

Key Features
Safe generators
Secure enclosure with theft detection
Low fuel consumption
<0.38 L/kWh specific fuel consumption
Generators run on lithium-ion battery technology
Lithium-ion battery technology
Portable power generators
Small footprint - easily fits existing tower sites
Renewable energy sources
Directly connect renewable energy sources
Long lasting generators
6-7 year lifetime
Off grid power generators
Remote monitoring
Easy and efficient maintenance
Easy maintenance by a standard diesel technician

Integrate Renewable Input Sources

Making Renewable Energy Practical & Reliable

HyGen can integrate and manage multiple renewable input sources. Renewable energy is more practical and reliable because HyGen can rely on the diesel engine or batteries for lengthy gaps in availability.