Planetary Power CEO Joe Landon Featured in MIT Sloan Management Review

Posted by: Rebecca MacLeod, on October 13, 2016

Planetary Power’s CEO, Joe Landon, was recently featured in MIT’s Sloan Management Review Fall 2016 issue. The topic covered was “Harnessing the Best of Globalization.”

The 66 page report seeks to answer the question: “How should companies pursue global expansion?” Joe Landon participated on a panel at Harvard Business School with fellow entrepreneurs who are also addressing this challenge in their businesses. His contributions to the report were garnered from his comments on the panel:

Global ventures are sometimes enabled by partnerships with other global companies… Recognizing how time-consuming it is to develop sales leads in new markets, Planetary Power president and CEO Joe Landon leverages relationships with telecom-equipment providers that already have existing relationships with target clients in developing countries. The company pays special attention to nurturing relationships with the expatriate country managers stationed in Planetary Power’s target markets, based on the accounts they may be able to unlock.

A preview of the article can be viewed here, and the entire report can be purchased for a nominal fee.