Leading Mexico City Newspaper features Planetary Power

Posted by: Rebecca MacLeod, on October 3, 2016

Mexico’s leading newspaper, Excelsior, interviewed Planetary Power’s CEO, Joe Landon, at Mobile 360 Latin America. A feature story on the company ran on September 27, 2016.

Here is a translated excerpt from the article:

The use of hybrid energy can become one of the key steps for mobile operators to increase their coverage in areas of difficult access and at the same time reduce costs, said the Chairman of Planetary Power, Joe Landon.

In an interview he explained that there are about 1.2 million telecom towers that are off-grid, hence they need to be powered by generators to work. However, such solutions become a problem because the equipment requires constant maintenance on a regular basis, they are not cheap and often use obsolete technology.

“We wanted to find a solution to this problem,” Joe Landon said.

See the article in Excelsior in the Mercados section on page 10.