Off-grid Power Tech Targets Telecom Towers in LatAm

Posted by: Rebecca MacLeod, on October 3, 2016

Planetary Power CEO, Joe Landon, and COO, Kurt Armbruster, were recently interviewed by BN Americas about the company’s plan for delivering off-grid power to telecom towers in Latin America. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Seattle-based company Planetary Power designed a small, hybrid power generator that could change the way electric power is purchased for telecom towers in hard-to-reach places. BNamericas talked to Joe Landon, president and CEO, and Kurt Armbruster, COO, about the company’s HyGen technology and its intelligent control system, as well as the opportunities they see in Latin America and the Caribbean. (The interview was originally published in BNamericas’ IT/Telecom sector.)

BNamericas: What drove the creation of Planetary Power?

Landon: The company was created to explore technologies in renewable energy. Energy is one of the big opportunities and challenges in the future, but at the time renewable energy was not living up to its whole potential. Traditional renewable energy technologies were focused on grid-type power, and efficiency wasn’t high. We thought there could be a better way to approach renewable energy.

Our company then worked with the US Navy on developing hybrid energy for off-grid power, and that’s how we first got into that market with the HyGen hybrid technology. Later we went on to do custom solutions for the US government, the NASA space program and other commercial private customers. Within the last year and a half we entered off-grid energy for the telecom market.

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