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HyGen uses energy storage to maximize power generation efficiency.

Diesel Generator
Engine must run continuously, 24/7
Engine only needs to run to charge batteries
Engine must be sized to peak power load
Batteries meet peak loads; smaller engine
Must be taken offline for maintenance
Maintenance done while running on batteries
Efficiency varies at less than peak load
Engine never runs at less than peak efficiency
Large external fuel tanks subject to pilferage
Secure internal fuel tank
Two redundant generators
One HyGen per tower
Short operational life
5 year operational life
Idles at low speed
Engine never idles


What makes HyGen a hybrid generator?

HyGen is a serial hybrid; the engine runs at an optimum speed producing maximum power efficiency only when power is needed to recharge the batteries. This results in decreased engine run-time. Additionally HyGen is capable of integrating renewable energy sources including wind and solar (PV) power to offset the amount of time the engine needs to run.

What are the advantages of hybrid vs other renewable solutions such as solar panels?

Most renewable sources are intermittent and unreliable by themselves. Hybrid generators leverage the strengths of conventional generators with the advances in energy storage and renewables to produce the best possible product. By combining these technologies, HyGen ensures the most efficient and reliable power production without having to compromise between the two.

How is HyGen more environmentally-friendly than conventional generators?

Because HyGen is a zero-idle generator, the engine runs at its most efficient speed producing maximum power efficiency and decreases overall engine run-time. HyGen consumes less fuel, releases less atmospheric emissions, requires less maintenance including lubrication oil and filters, and produces less noise and particulate pollution in the nearby environments.  Additionally HyGen is capable of integrating renewable energy sources including wind turbines and photovoltaic panels to further decrease engine run-time.

What type of maintenance is needed for HyGen?

HyGen uses commercially available components allowing maintenance to be completed by any certified generator technician. The engine requires decreased standard maintenance than a traditional generator because the engine operates only intermittently as needed to charge the batteries.

Will HyGen work for powering base stations (BTS) at remote towers?

Yes, HyGen has been engineered to directly solve many of the problems encountered when powering remote base stations. Not only has HyGen been optimized for the DC load of BTSs, but key features have been included to maximize uptime.

How does HyGen incorporate renewable energy sources?

HyGen is a renewable energies platform with the ability to integrate and manage multiple renewable energy input sources.  To maximize efficiency and decrease the number of power conditioning steps, the renewables tie directly to the DC power bus to recharge the batteries.

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