Efficient and
Reliable Energy

Hybrid technology for off-grid 
telecom towers


Telecom towers provide a vital link for the world’s population who live off-grid. Over a million telecom towers worldwide rely on diesel generators for energy, causing untold environmental damage.

1.2 million off-grid and bad-grid towers by 2020

90% of off-grid and bad-grid towers rely on diesel generators

$19 billion in cost and 45 million tons of CO2 by 2020


Proven Energy Savings
More than one million telecom towers lack access to a reliable power grid and depend on diesel generators. Planetary Power’s hybrid technology eliminates wasted energy and has demonstrated over 60% energy savings compared to conventional generators.

  • Reduces fuel consumption by 60%
  • Pays for itself in 12-18 months
  • Easily connect renewable energy for greater savings
  • Secured against fuel and equipment theft
  • Three times longer lifetime than conventional generator

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